One, Two, Three Snard Farker

What is this about?  It’s about the freedom of saying what you so choose. Freedom to speak your mind and your beliefs. Freedom from interference and judgment from outside forces of the PTB.  Freedom to post any and all thoughts and information, or a combination of both. However, please…do ‘not’ use the share buttons. This is an invite only blog and I do not want to alert the world that it’s here. And please…do not log in with your Facebook, Twitter or WordPress ID.  It’s time to create new and use it accordingly.

Try to keep in mind that we only have 3 GB of space, so if you have a video you’d like to share, please post a link. Otherwise I will have to take this to a Premium service and I don’t have the dollars necessary to support it. However, if everyone feels they’d like to chip in and donate for more space, let me know and I’ll put in a Donate Button.

The only thing I ask is to respect each others opinions and feelings, and refrain from cussing at them. After all, what purpose does swearing serve?  Asking God to damn something is out of line, for what we speak of the most comes into form sooner or later. Calling each other names doesn’t solve the problem, and each person here has the right to their opinion/view.

It’s also all about forming lasting friendships in times of tragedy and dismay, as our time is winding down. I believe we know the inevitable, and everything we’re up against in the next few months. So let’s be kind to each other.  Patience, love and tolerance for every person keeps everything in perspective. Before answering a post, think seriously about what the other person is saying. Pick out that which is helpful to you, then discard the rest, instead of flying off the handle one minute, then finding you’d have to apologize later.  You’ll see that when you’ve finished you will have a multitude of new ideas ‘outside the box’ and for that we should all be grateful.

Much love and peace – Lea


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